Frequently Asked Questions


Following months of uncertainty, Portugal’s President has officially signed the ”More Housing” bill which ends real estate investment as a route to the Golden Visa programme. The new law has been enacted. New legislation incorporates following as eligible investment vehicles:

Residency and Citizenship

What is a Golden Visa?
What is a D7 Visa?
Has the Portuguese Golden Visa been a success?
How long is the Golden Visa valid for?
Will the investor need a legal representative to request and maintain the residency permit?
What services are provided typically by the legal counsel?
What are the main advantages of the Golden Visa?
Which requirements do visa applicants have to comply with?
What are the Government related costs?
What countries are included in the Schengen Area?
How long does it take to obtain the Visa permit?
May I work in Portugal?
Can I obtain the Golden Visa for my family as well?
How is a dependent qualified?
How is the permanent residency granted after five years?
What are my rights and duties with permanent residency?
Can you provide more information on the language test?
How is citizenship granted?
What is the fiscal number?
What documents are required at the time of application for the Golden Visa?
Document Legalization and Translation
What are investment requirements and options?
Who may apply?
Can I transfer or sell the investment after 5 years?
Does the investor need to live in / use the property he / she is purchasing, or can it be rented out?
Can I make the investment through a limited company?
What are the grounds for refusal of the Golden Visa?

General Tax Inquiries

Does the investor pay taxes in Portugal for income originating abroad?
What taxes apply to income generated in Portugal?


Who can benefit from the NHR tax regime?
What are the taxation rules under this regime?
How much time must one spend in Portugal?
What are eligibility requirements?