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We are a boutique consultancy devoted to fulfilling your personal goals by identifying a profitable and secure investment in Portugal that delivers a Residence Permit and Citizenship

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Each client is different as such we provide a bespoke service each and every time.
That said, each client can count on the following:

Fully Independent

The only way for your investment to be fully maximized and secure is if we can offer you the full spectrum of investment products available in the market. That is why we are fully independent from any one developer, real estate agency, or immigration agent.

100% Success Rate

All of our clients obtained or are in the process of obtaining a Portuguese Golden Visa as all investment products suggested pass due diligence.

Based in Portugal

Unlike many other providers, we act as our clients' eyes and the ears on the ground.

We Deliver Your Plan B

Our clients want to secure their future and become global citizens.


A little praise if we may


Residential Real Estate Investment in Rehabilitation Project

From €350K in residential renovations projects in designated interior areas. The investment amount is reduced to €280K if property located in an interior AND low-density area.

Residential Real Estate Investment in Interior Areas

From €500K or more in residential property located in designated interior areas. The investment amount is reduced to €400K if property located in an interior AND low-density area.

Hybrid Model

Invest 280K or €350K in a touristic project that grants guaranteed annual returns and or guaranteed buyback in the same amount initially invested.

Private Equity Funds

€500K in closed-end funds regulated by Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM) with a more or less diversified portfolio of yielding real estate or other assets

Commercial Real Estate Investment

From €500K located anywhere in Portugal. Investment is reduced to €400K if located in a classified low-density area or €350K in case of a renovation project or €280K if located in low-density area.

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Benefit from the reduced cost option and guaranteed annual returns from 3% to 7% and/or optional guaranteed buyback.

Kindly find below a few investment examples

We are not showcasing the full portfolio of products. Kindly contact us so that we can provide more options satisfying your needs.

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Private Equity Funds

All the funds are open to USA citizens

Fund #1
Real estate (Prime residential, retail, commercial) and European venture funds

Expected return target (p.a.): 8%
Fund lifetime: 8 years
Subscription deadline: Dec 2022

Fund #2
Development and refit real estate projects

Expected return target (p.a.): 10%
Fund lifetime: 7 years
Subscription deadline: Jan 2023

Fund #3
SMEs with expansion plans, SMEs with positive recurrent EBITDA and high growth start ups

Expected return target (p.a.): 12-15%
Fund lifetime: 8 years
Subscription deadline: Jan 2023

Fund #4
Established and innovative companies with solid track record of cash flow generation and EBITDA of 2-4 Euros

Expected return target (p.a.): 12-15%
Fund lifetime: 8 years
Subscription deadline: Jan 2023

Fund #5
45% Industrial, 40% Agricultural and yielding Retail sectors 15%

Expected return target (p.a.): 9%
Fund lifetime: 7 years
Subscription deadline: Dec 2022

Fund #6
70% in top tier residential real estate and 30% in conservative investment bonds

Expected return target (p.a.): 9%
Fund lifetime: 6+ years
Subscription deadline: Dec 2022

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Key characteristics of our service


Portuguese Golden Visa

Residence-by-investment programs provide high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) with the option of relocating with their families and the right to live, work, study, and receive healthcare in their new country of residence.

Foreign investors are opting for the Portuguese five-year residence-by-investment program as it has demonstrated to be one of the most attractive residency by investment programs across Europe for worldwide investors with extremely profitable returns.

Option to become a non-habitual resident and pay little to no tax for 10 years

Low-cost, high standard of living in a Mediterranean climate

Live, work, study across EU with Portuguese citizenship

Only spend 35 days in the country during 5 years

Visa free travel to 186 countries

Same conditions apply to entire family

Time to residence
3-6 month (approx)

Citizenship from
5 years

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GV Program Statistics

Since 2012 until December 2021




Family Members Reunited

>6Bn €

Total Invested

Steps & Timelines

Initial Preparation &
Investment Selection


Following in-depth consultations, we shall jointly select the best investment option thus respecting your short and long term needs.
You will be clarified on the program and steps leading to the citizenship.

Legal Counsel Appointment &
Legal Consultation


We intentionally partnered with a fully independent full-service law firm in order to provide an additional level of security to our clients. That way we can act as close advisors to our clients and provide investment consultation whilst the law firm offers independent and high quality support as to all legal matters.
At this initial stage you shall have an introductory consultation with the appointed full-service law firm focused on protecting and growing your wealth.
You will be provided clear and accurate instructions as to the steps and necessary documentation to be provided from your home country.
With the execution of the Power of Attorney your local legal team will obtain Portuguese Non-Resident tax number (NIF), and open a local Portuguese bank account under your name.

Investment Completion


Following in-depth analysis of eligible investment options, you will decide on the best option.
You will proceed with the investment from your Portuguese bank account. This can be done remotely.
Your legal counsel shall perform a due diligence on the selected investment.

Submission of the Application


Finalization and submission of all required documents regarding the program application.
Online submission of the documentation by your legal team.

In Person Biometric
Data Submission


Once the relevant documentation has been submitted, SEF takes between 3 to 6 months to process and invite you via your legal team for biometric submission. Visit to the SEF office in Portugal at the time scheduled by the government and the investor.
All family members applying for the Golven Visa must be present in the country.
At that moment you will pay government processing fees.

Golden Visa &
Residence Approval


Following your initial appointment at SEF, it takes 3 to 6 months for the authorities to review all the information and issue your Golden Visa.
You will be requested to pay for the visa application fees and your residence cards will be issued.

Residence Renewals


Your legal team will apply for the renewal of the residency card's (at the end of the 1st year, the 3rd year and 5th year).

Permanent Residence


Assuming all local government stipulated requirements are met, legal counsel will submit the application for the permanent residency at end year 5.



After holding the permanent residence permit for one year the investor and immediate family can apply for the Portugese citizenship.
The timeline for approval of citizenship is circa 6 to 8 months.

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